The best way to maintain good colorectal health is with a colonoscopy, and our Beverly Hills colorectal surgeons recommend you have your first exam at age 50. If you fall into a high risk category, your first colonoscopy should be at a younger age. The Colonoscopy Center of Excellence offers a state-of-the-art facility in Beverly Hills and colorectal surgeons who are experts in the most advanced preventative and diagnostic procedures. Our physicians advocate educating everyone on the importance of early detection and cancer prevention with a colonoscopy and want to reduce unnecessary anxiety about the procedure.

Come to the Colonoscopy Center of Excellence in Beverly Hills. A colorectal surgeon can meet with you for a consultation about the colonoscopy procedure and its medical benefits for you.

What Procedures Does a Beverly Hills Colorectal Surgeon Perform?

A Beverly Hills colorectal surgeon is a specialist in gastrointestinal health. One of the procedures they perform is a colonoscopy which is an examination of the large intestine. The exam is both a diagnostic and preventative procedure. It is used to check for any abnormalities of the colon or symptoms of cancer.

Prior to the procedure, a Beverly Hills colorectal surgeon would first counsel you about how to prepare for a colonoscopy and explain the procedure to you. Our physicians use the The Third Eye® Colonoscopy device which is one of the most advanced methods available. The device exceeds standard methods with its “third eye,” an additional camera that has a retrograde (“backward”) view of the colon. The retrograde view helps the surgeon detect and remove more polyps than with a traditional device.

Our physicians recommend a colonoscopy not just as a cancer screening. Our Beverly Hills colorectal surgeons uses a colonoscopy as an opportunity to detect signs of inflammation, bleeding, ulcers, or tumors. If anything abnormal is found, the doctor takes some tissue samples and sends them to the pathologist to biopsy. A follow-up with the doctor is scheduled only if further treatment is needed.

How to Contact a Beverly Hills Colorectal Surgeon

Our specialists are skilled in the most advanced gastrointestinal procedures. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with a Beverly Hills colorectal surgeon. You can call the Colonoscopy Center of Excellence Los Angeles at 888-397-7135.

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