Early detection remains one of the most effective ways to fight cancer, and for that reason, our practice includes many cancer screening procedures. For example, during a colonoscopy, the physician examines the colon for any unusual or abnormal growths. If any polyps are found, tissue samples are collected and a cancer biopsy performed.

Performing a cancer biopsy helps you reduce the risk of developing colon cancer, and we encourage you to take advantage of the services we offer. Our highly qualified physicians are trained in the most advanced techniques and available for consultation.

What Is the Procedure for a Colon Cancer Biopsy?

Physicians perform a colonoscopy in order to view the length of the colon (large intestines) for any signs of unusual growths or abnormalities. We are one of only a few facilities nationwide using the Third Eye® Colonoscopy procedure, the most advanced technological device in colon cancer screening. By applying this method, your physician is able to more thoroughly examine the colon and detect 40% more polyps in high risk patients.

Tissue samples from polyps collected in the examination would be sent to the lab for a colon cancer biopsy. A pathologist then examines the samples and sends his conclusions to your physician. The results are discussed, and if any follow-up or additional treatments are required, you can schedule them at that time.

Contact a Colon Cancer Biopsy Specialist

We encourage you to be proactive in your colorectal health. We are one of only a few facilities using the most advanced colonoscopy technologies. Please contact us to discuss the procedure with one of our colon cancer biopsy specialists by calling the Colonoscopy Center of Excellence Los Angeles today at 888-397-7135.

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