While most colon polyps are benign, some can lead to cancer. For that reason, periodic exams are recommended. The best method for colon polyp detection is a colonoscopy. This procedure for colon polyp detection is typically quick. However, it is important that you have it done by a highly skilled expert, such as one of the gastroenterologists at the Colonoscopy Center of Excellence.

What Is the Procedure for Colon Polyp Detection?

A colonoscopy is the procedure used for colon polyp detection. Our physicians use a colonoscopy both as a diagnostic and as a preventative procedure. The standard age to begin having regular colonoscopies is 50, while anyone in a high risk category is encouraged to start sooner.

Colon polyp detection doesn’t take long, and it is an outpatient procedure. However there is some advanced preparation required to cleanse the colon and prepare it for an effective polyp detection. A week ahead of the procedure, patients should avoid certain foods, such as nuts, and stop taking certain medications. The day prior to the procedure, a clear liquid diet must be followed and on the day of the procedure, nothing should be consumed.

By following the recommended steps, the colon will be cleansed and any abnormal or suspicious growths can be found. Inadequate preparation would most likely interfere with colon polyp detection and the procedure would need to be repeated.

Contact a Colon Polyp Detection Specialist

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