Colon Polyp Treatment Los AngelesWhile colon polyps are typically benign, sometimes these growths turn into cancer. Polyps can occur in the body in different areas, but one of the more common sites is in the colon (large intestine). A colon polyp is a tissue growth erupting from the mucus membrane in the body. Our board-certified physicians conduct colon polyp treatment in Los Angeles from our state-of-the-art facility.

The Colonoscopy Center of Excellence is comprised of an expert team of specialists in colon polyp treatment. Our Los Angeles facility is conveniently located in the Beverly Hills area. If you have questions about the colon polyp treatment, call the Los Angeles facility today at 888-397-7135 for a consultation with one of our expert doctors or to schedule an appointment.

To learn more about colon cancer polyps, please visit the polyps page on WebMD.

The Colon Polyp Treatment Procedure

A colonoscopy procedure is used for colon polyp treatment in Los Angeles. Many people may not be aware, but a colonoscopy helps both as a diagnostic and as a preventative procedure. As a diagnostic tool, a colonoscopy allows a doctor to see a patient’s colon (large intestine) and retrieve any polyps or diseased tissue for biopsy. As a preventative colon polyp treatment, a Los Angeles physician uses a colonoscopy to examine a patient for any signs of cancer or unusual growth.

We recommend a colonoscopy as an essential colon cancer detection procedure. Individuals 50 and older should have regular colonoscopies, and if your family has a history of health problems, we recommend you start at a younger age.

Part of a colon polyp treatment is preparing for the procedure. Our medical team will provide detailed instructions to help you plan. If you have any questions or would like more information on colon polyp treatment in Los Angeles, please contact our center today!

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