Let’s be honest. The very mention of the word “colonoscopy” can make people wary. But the truth is, colonoscopies are extremely effective cancer-screening tools. Additionally, a colonoscopy is the only test that allows doctors to identify and remove precancerous polyps in the same procedure. After all is said and done, most people confess that the procedure was quick, painless and actually not a big deal. And while the colon-cleansing prep can be a bit laborious, a successful preparation is crucial to ensuring the success of the procedure.

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The Reasons for Bowel Preparation

The colon-cleansing process is crucial when it comes to colon cancer prevention. Gastroenterologists look for very small polyps, measuring anywhere from 3 millimeters to 1 centimeter, during a colonoscopy. Bowel prep helps to clear the colon wall so doctors can identify polyps and prevents gastroenterologists from missing pre-cancerous polyps during the colonoscopy.

A 2012 study from the journal Gastrointestinal Endoscopy found that as many as a third of polyps are missed when people fail to prepare adequately for their colonoscopies.

If the colon is not cleaned properly, small polyps can be missed, posing significant danger to a patient’s health.

The Colonoscopy Prep Process in Los Angeles

The week before your colonoscopy, you may need to stop taking certain medications and consuming certain foods, such as nuts.  Twenty-four hours before your procedure, you will begin a liquid diet, which includes broth, tea, soft drinks and Jell-O. In most cases, our doctors will instruct you to take liquid laxatives and/or suppositories before your colonoscopy. When it comes to bowel preparation, you’ll use the night before your colonoscopy to cleanse your colon.

Inadequate Bowel Preparation for a Colonoscopy in Los Angeles

Some patients find that the volume of bowel preparation liquid is difficult to drink. Others balk at the taste of the solution. While colonoscopy prep used to require patients to drink an entire gallon of a salty solution the night before the procedure, today patients must only drink half that amount. Some doctors also offer a pill option. You can also talk to your colonoscopy specialist in Los Angeles about adding flavored powder to the bowel prep to help with any unpleasantness.

Most doctors have a method that they prefer and will recommend. Whatever method of preparation is used, the goal is to induce diarrhea to clean out your bowels. It’s important to remember that while colonoscopy prep may be unpleasant, it is also essential for colon cancer prevention.

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