Having a clean colon prior to a colonoscopy is helpful to you and your doctor. If there are any abnormalities or growths in the colon, the doctor will be better able to see them. There are just a few simple steps in a colonoscopy prep, and by following each step, the colon will be clean of any obstructions and your colonoscopy procedure will be more effective.

What Are the Steps of a Colonoscopy Prep?

There are three phases of a colonoscopy prep. You will want to begin your preparation a week ahead of the procedure as this will help ensure the colonoscopy goes smoothly for you and your doctor. We recommend the following steps:

One Week Prior

You should first check with your doctor, but there are certain medications you should stop taking prior to the colonoscopy.

Day Before the Colonoscopy

Follow a liquids only diet. You may have broth, tea, soft drinks and certain varieties of Jell-O. You will also be asked to take a substance that helps clear the bowels.

Day of Colonoscopy

You’ve already done the majority of your colonoscopy prep work. Typically, patients are not allowed to consume anything prior to the surgery; however, check with your doctor if you can have water. You will be given a mild sedative and medication to relax you prior to the procedure.

Once you’ve scheduled your procedure, our medical team will provide detailed instructions to help you with your colonoscopy prep. If you have any concerns or questions, you are welcome to call us.

Contact a Specialist about Your Colonoscopy Prep

We don’t want you to have any unnecessary concerns or question about your colonoscopy prep, and you are welcome to call us to assist you. Our colonoscopy specialists are experts in the most advanced gastrointestinal procedures. If you want to discuss the colonoscopy prep with one of our physicians, please call the Colonoscopy Center of Excellence Los Angeles today at 888-397-7135 to discuss your treatment options or schedule a consultation.