If you have been experiencing some gastric problems, we recommend contacting a specialist to diagnose your intestinal pain. Polyps could possibly be causing your discomfort, however, a diagnostic colonoscopy by a board-certified gastroenterologist is the only way to verify this. If you’re experiencing persistent symptoms such as constipation, gas/bloating, blood in stool, and change in bowel habits, it could signify a serious health condition that should be medically examined.

Our team of gastrointestinal specialists at the Colonoscopy Center of Excellence are experts in diagnosing intestinal problems including polyps, tumors and other abnormalities. We use the most medically advanced techniques in a state-of-the-art facility.

Is Diagnosing Intestinal Polyps a Complicated Procedure?

Diagnosing intestinal polyps is a fairly uncomplicated procedure done by a colorectal surgeon or gastroenterologist. A colonoscopy is the best procedure for detecting and diagnosing intestinal polyps or any other large intestine abnormalities. A patient prepares in the same way to cleanse the colon as with a screening colonoscopy. A week ahead of the procedure, certain foods are avoided and some medications stopped. Only a clear liquids diet is allowed the day before the colonoscopy then nothing on the day of the procedure. Patients will also consume a substance to help clear the bowels.

A screening and a diagnostic colonoscopy are technically similar. However, during a diagnostic colonoscopy the physician is examining the large intestines for the purpose of diagnosing intestinal polyps or other abnormalities that could be causing the discomfort.

Do You Have Questions about Diagnosing Intestinal Polyps?

If you have some gastric discomfort and seek medical counsel, contact one of our specialists who is an expert in diagnosing intestinal polyps and other large intestine growths. We have a compassionate medical team ready to assist you with your questions or schedule a consultation To discuss your treatment options or consultation, please call the Colonoscopy Center of Excellence Los Angeles at 888-397-7135 today.

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