At the Colonoscopy Center of Excellence, we aim to provide high quality patient care to those in need of colon cancer screenings. As a part of our mission, our gastrointestinal doctors also hope to contribute to further colon cancer research so future treatments will exceed the ones offered today. To accomplish our humanitarian efforts, portions of our proceeds are donated to the Colon Cancer Alliance.

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The Colon Cancer Alliance

Founded in 1999 by a group of 42 people, the Colon Cancer Alliance (CCA) was born out of the need to promote public awareness about colorectal cancer and provide support for those affected by the disease. Though it began as a simple online support group, this multi-national organization now encompasses the United States and parts of Canada.

Colon Cancer AllianceThe Colon Cancer Alliance is a non-profit patient advocacy organization dedicated to increasing screening rates and survivorship of colon cancer and also offers aid to colon cancer patients and their caretakers. Recognizing that early diagnosis is crucial to surviving colon cancer, CCA dedicates itself to raising awareness about the disease and the need to undergo regular colon cancer screenings after age 50. It’s important to remember that a colonoscopy is both a diagnostic and preventative procedure, and removing pre-cancerous polyps now can actually help prevent colon cancer from developing in the future.

The CCA is a community that provides hope and support to patients and their families while saving lives through screening, access, awareness, advocacy and research. Its vision is for a world free of colon cancer where education, early detection and treatment lead to survivorship for all.

CCA Programs

The colorectal surgeons and GI specialists at the Colonoscopy Center of Excellence are proud to support the Colon Cancer Alliance through a number of programs designed to raise awareness and support colon cancer patients and their families.

The Colon Cancer Alliance’s Buddy Program offers support to new colon cancer patients and their families. Matched with patients based on attributes such as gender, age and diagnosis, buddies provide invaluable information about dealing with a new diagnosis and navigating options for treatment.

CCA is proud to offer a Helpline for those suffering from colon cancer. Answering phones live Monday through Friday from 9:30 to 4:30, the volunteers at the Helpline assist thousands of colon cancer patients and patient caretakers every year.

An annual event, Stars Go Blue is a musical benefit to aid colon cancer patients. This year’s event featured country superstar Trace Adkins and raised over $45,000 to fight colon cancer.

In addition to its commitment to help colon cancer patients, the Colon Cancer Alliance supports research efforts to cure this devastating disease. Through its Clinical Trial Matching Service, CCA connects patients to clinical trials all over the country and works to increase screening rates.

CCA Values

  • Compassion: Thanks to peer support and encouragement, no one has to face this cancer alone.
  • Respect: It takes courage and dedication to fight this disease. Mutual respect and collaboration between colon cancer survivors, families, the medical community, and other cancer organizations are absolutely essential.
  • Commitment: CCA works tirelessly to increase survivorship and ignite change in the way this disease is viewed and discussed. Their vision is of a world without colon cancer.
  • Education: The CCA supports research and is on the forefront of new developments in colon cancer prevention and treatment.
  • Confidence: Making a difference drives the CCA onward. The many brave colon cancer survivors who are part of the Alliance offer daily inspiration to the newly diagnosed and their families.

Volunteering Abroad

Some of La Peer’s top surgeons, including the Colonoscopy Center of Excellence’s Colorectal and General Surgeon, Gary Hoffman, MD, and Gastroenterologist, Leo Treyzon, MD, participated in an annual trip to Guatemala in April, 2013. It was a mission to treat medical problems in one of Guatemala’s rural indigenous areas, in which the medical team performed more than 100 surgeries for those who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford it.

The mission was organized by HELPS International, a nonprofit organization who recruits volunteers to work in impoverished areas of Central and Latin America. Many members of La Peer Health Systems travel with this mission annually, committed to helping underprivileged populations with medical needs.

Contribute to the CCA

The Colonoscopy Center of Excellence is happy to support the CCA in its efforts to cure colon cancer and provide help to those suffering from the disease. If you would like to contribute to the Colon Cancer Alliance, feel free to contact us at   for information about how to donate.

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