A large intestine exam is another term for a colonoscopy. During a colonoscopy, the large intestines are examined for any unusual growths or abnormalities which could indicate cancer. Colon cancer is easily preventable with a large intestine exam, but some people avoid it for fear of discomfort. The truth is, however, that any concern over physical discomfort is unnecessary. Our physicians use technologically advanced methods that cause very minimal discomfort.

The Large Intestine Exam Procedure

We are one of the few surgical facilities nationwide to employ the innovative large intestine exam device called the Third Eye® Colonoscopy. This procedure gives the doctor both forward and backward views of the colon. Standard colonoscopy methods only provide a forward perspective. With a backward view, the Third Eye® can reveal polyps that are typically hidden from sight.

Getting a large intestine exam by our talented medical team at our Los Angeles facility can be your first step toward maintaining good colorectal health. It’s standard practice to have a large intestine exam start at 50 then subsequently at regular intervals. Individuals in a higher risk category should start at an earlier age.

Contact a Large Intestine Exam Specialist

Some people get anxious over a colon polyp treatment, our Los Angeles medical team wants you to feel comfortable with the procedure. Call us to help you with any concerns or questions. If you want to discuss the colon polyp treatment with one of our physicians, please call the Colonoscopy Center of Excellence Los Angeles today at 888-397-7135 to answer your questions or schedule a consultation.

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